Bogside 1970


Captured IRA TSMG

Derry IRA Patrol

Derry IRA Patrol


Captured TSMG Belfast 1970


IRA Arms Dump 1970


IRA Border Patrol

Warminster TSMG 482


Captured TSMG 1970


IRA Checkpoint Derry


UDR armed with TSMG

IRA checkpoint in Creggan Estate, Derry


IRA checkpoint Creggan Estate



IRA group 1972

IRA Volunteer Derry 1970

IRA checkpoint in Derry



IRA Volunteer Derry 1971

IRA patrol in Claudy 1971

IRA Volunteer Lenadoon Estate Belfast 1972

IRA with TSMG - Derry 1971

IRA ship hijack


Aboard the St Bedan 1982

IRA border operation

TSMG on poster

IRA Training

UVF Volunteers with TSMG

Mallon Tommy

UDR armed with TSMG

TSMG arms find

IRA with TSMG on border patrol